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About Poppins in Literature, Film and on Broadway

Mary Poppins

The mere utterance of the word Poppins has brought smiles to children and adults alike since it appeared hard bound in in a series of eight children's books published between 1934 to 1988. Who can forget supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The stories were written about Mary Poppins, a super nanny with magic powers, who cares for two young children in London.

Mary Poppins in Popular Culture
Popular culture has taken Mary Poppins to another level entirely. With the introduction of Walt Disney's film titled Mary Poppins, the world was taken away from their imagined understanding of the charater and into a techicolor dream world that transformed to stories into something some would call tangibale. An account of this movie making process or transformation was develiered in film in the 2013 titled Saving Mr. Banks where P.L. Travers is portrayed as an uptight and troubled women with issues unresolved from her childhood.
Mary Poppins the Disney Film (Clip)

In 2013 the highly successful Broadway musical, also owned by Disney, concluded its run and started its US tour. Here is a clip from Mary Poppins on Broadway

About the Author The author, P. L. Travers, was an Australian-British writer, actress and journalist. P.L. Travers was a pen name, her given name was Helen Lyndon Goff.

The Music of Mary Poppins
I think every childhood in the US has been graced with the tunes from the Disney movie and musical. Below you can listen to clips from available music for purchase from Amazon.